Red Devils open up sports betting at their stadium!

The Manchester United football club has announced a new initiative that will see them open up sports betting at their stadium. The Red Devils, as they are popularly known, say that they are looking to cash in on the global popularity of sports betting and allow their fans to place bets on matches both in-stadium and online.

Sports betting is a huge industry and it is thought that the Red Devils could make millions of pounds from the move. In fact, it is estimated that the club could make as much as £10 million a year from the venture. This would be a huge increase on the amount of money that they currently make from commercial deals and sponsorship agreements.

Manchester United are not the only Premier League club to get into the sports betting business; rivals Arsenal have also announced plans to open up a similar venture at their stadium. However, United’s new scheme is by far the most ambitious and it looks likely that they will be able to generate significantly more revenue from it.

The Red Devils already have an impressive array of sponsors including Adidas, Chevrolet, Aon and Singapore Airlines. It is thought that these companies may be keen to get involved in the new sports betting venture too. Asian companies in particular are thought to be interested in getting involved as there is ever-growing demand for sports betting in this region of the world.

Manchester United FC kicks off sports betting this season!

Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) announced their partnership with SBTech this week, making them the first Premier League club to offer sports betting.

“This is a very exciting time for Manchester United and our fans who will now be able to bet on our games via the SBTech platform,” said Edward Woodward, Executive Vice Chairman of MUFC.

SBTech is a global leader in sports betting and will power the new MUFC Sports Betting product, which offers in-play, pre-match and post-event betting on football and other sports. Fans can place bets on desktop, mobile and app platforms across more than 150 markets.

The new MUFC Sports Betting product is available in 18 countries including the UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and Malta. For customers in regulated markets such as the UK and Ireland, bets will be placed through Manchester United’s licensed subsidiary - MANU Bet Plc.

“We are delighted to partner with Manchester United and to have their iconic brand associated with our products. The club is one of the most successful in the world both on and off the pitch and we are extremely proud to be working with them,” said Richard Arnold, Commercial Director of MUFC.

Get ready for Red Devils sports betting!

The 2017/2018 football season is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in recent memory. Manchester United, one of the most popular and successful clubs in the world, are looking to make a serious title challenge this year. And with sports betting becoming increasingly popular, there has never been a better time to get involved in Man Utd betting!

There are plenty of different markets available when betting on Manchester United. You can bet on who will win the Premier League, who will be the top goalscorer, and even which players will be sent off during the season. With so many potential outcomes, there’s something for everyone when betting on United.

If you’re new to sports betting, don’t worry – we’ll walk you through everything you need to know. The first thing you need to do is find a reputable online bookmaker. There are plenty of them around, so take your time and compare their odds before making a decision.

Once you’ve registered with an online bookmaker, it’s time to deposit some funds into your account. Most bookmakers accept a variety of payment methods, so choose the one that best suits you. Once your account is funded, it’s time to start placing bets!

The simplest way to bet on Manchester United is to place a match result bet. This type of bet is where you predict which team will win or lose a particular match. The odds vary depending on how likely each outcome is, so it’s important to do your research before making any bets.

Another popular market when betting on Manchester United is the outright winner market. This market allows you to bet on which team will win the Premier League title at the end of the season. United are currently priced at 12/1 (13.00) by most bookmakers, so they are definitely worth considering if you fancy them to upset the odds and win the title this year.

Alternatively, you could try predicting how many goals Manchester United will score during the season. The over/under goal market allows you to bet on whether more or less than a certain number of goals will be scored in total. This can be a great way of hedging your bets and ensuring that you still have a chance of winning even if your chosen team doesn’t go all the way.

No matter what type of bet you want to place on Manchester United, we can help you get started! Keep an eye on our website for updates as well as previews and reviews of all upcoming matches. We hope that this guide has helped you understand everything there is to know about sports betting – good luck and have fun!

Sports betting underway at Manchester United FC stadium!

Sports betting is a popular pastime for many people, and what could be better than being able to place a wager on your favourite sport while watching the action unfold live? Manchester United FC stadium is now offering this opportunity, with sports betting underway onsite!

There are a number of different sports that you can bet on at the stadium, including football, rugby, cricket, and horseracing. So whether you’re a fan of Manchester United FC or not, there’s something for everyone when it comes to sports betting at the stadium.

The great thing about betting at the stadium is that you don’t have to miss any of the action. You can place your bets right up until the start of the game, and then follow all the action as it happens right in front of you. Plus, there are plenty of betting options available, so you can find the perfect wager to suit your needs.

So if you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to enjoy the sport you love, be sure to check out the sports betting options available at Manchester United FC Stadium!

Manchester United FC starts sports betting with a win!

Manchester United FC, one of the most popular football clubs in the world, announced its entrance into the sports betting market with a bang over the weekend. The club, whose fan base stretches across six continents, announced a partnership with SBTech, one of the world’s leading online gaming operators.

This move could signal a new era for Manchester United FC as it looks to rival some of the biggest clubs in Europe when it comes to revenue. In addition to its passionate fanbase, the club also boasts some of the most lucrative sponsorship deals in world football. Reportedly, the deal with SBTech is worth £10 million (approximately $13 million) per year.

Manchester United FC isn’t new to gambling and has been involved in partnerships with various casinos over the years. However, this is its first foray into sports betting and fans are excited about what this could mean for the future of their favorite club.

In an interview with Manchester Evening News, club director Edward Woodward spoke about how excited he was about this new venture: “We are absolutely delighted to have signed this partnership with SBTech which will see us enter into the rapidly growing global sports betting market. This is an exciting new chapter for Manchester United and we are looking forward to working with SBTech to provide our fans around the world with unique and innovative betting products.”

SBTech CEO Richard Carter was equally enthusiastic about the deal: “Manchester United is one of the most iconic sports teams in history and we’re proud to partner with them as they enter into the sports betting market. We look forward to working together to create engaging and exciting experiences for their millions of fans around the world.”

The new partnership is set to launch ahead of next season’s Premier League campaign and will give fans access to a range of innovative products, including live in-game betting and exclusive match stats. There will also be opportunities for fans to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences, such as meeting their favorite players or going on Matchday tours of Old Trafford.